About Navigate - Distributed Learning in BC

Distributed Learning in BC - A modern alternative to homeschooling

Navigate (powered by NIDES) is a fully funded and accredited BC school operating within the Comox Valley School District No. 71 that offers distributed learning opportunities throughout BC.

We offer elementary and secondary students the opportunity to personalize their learning and take control of their own education, and adult learners the chance to upgrade or take additional courses  without ever stepping inside a BC high school.

Though our roots are in the Comox Valley, today we serve more than 3,000 learners across Vancouver Island and throughout BC in our K-9high school and adult learning programs. That includes more than 1,400 cross-enrolled secondary students, many of whom access our courses online or through an Independent Learning Centre located within a bricks-and-mortar BC high school.

Although what we provide isn’t the same as traditional homeschooling, many parents considering home school for their children find we offer a much richer educational approach that still provides the flexibility of homeschooling that has always made this option attractive to parents.  (Read our blog post Home School vs. Distributed Learning.) 

Unlike homeschooling, which doesn’t have to meet provincial education standards and puts responsibility for administering education entirely on the parent or guardian, a Navigate education meets all provincially mandated learning outcomes and is directed by a BC-certified teacher.  

Technically, we provide what’s known as ”distributed learning,” which takes places when a student is primarily at a distance from the teacher, whether studying online at home, within another educational facility or anywhere else with an Internet connection. A distributed learning student completing their studies will receive their British Columbia Dogwood graduation diploma.

Unlike other providers of distributed learning in BC, however, we’re increasingly combining online distance learning with face-to-face classroom instruction in the Comox Valley, Nanaimo, Qualicum Beach and anywhere in the world via interactive technologies like online video conferencing and virtual classrooms. 

This “blended learning” model allows students to forge relationships with their teachers and the broader community while still offering all the flexibility of traditional distributed learning, distance learning and even home school models. (Read our blog post Distance Learning in BC.)

For education in BC, we believe it’s the way of the future. For us, it’s business as usual.​