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Self-Directed Program
Planned Program
In the Self-Directed Program, you would propose a project to Mr. L. in writing by the 2nd class. Then you would follow the instructions on this Web site to plan, track, complete and evaluate your project. In the Planned Program, you would complete projects assigned to you by the Mr. L.
Benefits: You work on your own; learning in a self-directed manner, organizing your own work, learning what you feel you should learn for succesfull completion of the project you created. Benefits: There is little need to put in extra time to complete assigned projects, what you need to know is taught to you by Mr. L. or fellow students, many students have found it an enjoyable set of projects.
Drawbacks: The self-directed approach is more difficult and time-consuming than the Planned Program.
Successful applicants should be extrememly well organized, self-motivated students who know how to get things done. The self-directed student is highly persistent and a good problem-solver, who never needs to be "managed" by teachers in order to do a good job.

Drawbacks: You will follow Mr. L's plan.

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