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~ Remember M~
~ Remember E~
~ Put them together Remember ME~











Friendship is like china
Costly rare
Tho' it could be mended
The scratches are always there
By Autograph Verse
Cause some thing's last and
Some thing's end
I want you always
For my friend
By Dennis Lee

I'll be yours
If you'll be mine
Hope you'll be my
By, Nicole Fossett
If we were all flower's…
I'd pick YOU!!!
By Brittany Bay

If I could teach you how to fly
Or bake an elderberry pie
Or turn the sidewalks into stars
Or play new songs on an old guitar
Or if I new the way to heaven
The names of night, the taste of seven
And owned them all, to keep or lend
Would you come and be my friend?


We could be friends to come over and play or just goof around
Like friends are supposed to be. Or take a walk like friends do,
You, picking up the telephone finding a place Me, Picking up the
Calling me to sit and talk telephone
Calling you.
Myra Cohn Livingston

What's the opposite of the sky?
The ground
What's the opposite of red?