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Here you will find lesson plans, online activities (conferences with authors, online field trips and more) and information on a variety of subjects.


This is an excellent site to use for novel and author studies. Lesson plans, links to authors and more can be found here

Children's Literature Webguide


Links to authors, stories and many other resources on the Internet.
  Harper Children' This is a great site with links to authors, fiction, and non-fiction. There are also some neat activities here like finding out how a book is made and great sections for parents, teachers and librarians. The educator's section has printable teaching guides for stories.

Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales


Here you will find some really fun poems, stories and songs and a neat section on how to write rhyming poetry.

Just for Kids Who Love Books

This is a great place to look for links to authors and books. Here you can also read book reviews.


  The Scoop

Here you will find links to authors and illustrator's webpages and interviews.


  Education World

Education World is an excellent place to search for ideas for inside and out of the computer lab. Here you will find lesson ideas, resources and articles about language arts and literature.



Common Errors in English

This is a really neat site to take a look at! It consists of a list of common errors made in the English language. Would be great to refer students to or to do some type of English project with.

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  Writing Den

This site, created in Vancouver, is designed as a model to help students learn to take notes and form paragraphs for essays. Topics of information found here include: animals, recycling, Canadian Government, snowboarding, the Gold Rush and more.



People Interested In Zippy and Zany Zcribbling. This is a great site to help you teach writing different poems like Cinquains and Haiku or story writing (basket stories, mystery stories or wordless picture books). Lessons include warm-ups, examples and step by step instructions. Here you will also find other writing activities and games.


  English Grammar 101

This site is designed for students in late elementary-middle school to learn and practice using proper grammar. Worksheets here are marked online and you can have the results sent to you.


  Guide to Grammar and Writing

This site offers lessons on grammar and writing with quizes at the end to see what you learned. This is a good place to go to look up information on anything to do with grammar and sentence structure.



Grade 3 Grammar Practice

This is a game to practice spelling, punctuation and word usuage.
  Grammar Online Games This set of links to grammar games was made by a grade 6 teacher but many of these activities have games for most elementary or middle school grades.
  Big Dog's Grammar

A bare bones guide to English. Here you will find lessons on basic grammar and self-tests to see how you are doing.

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The Bungalo Books Headquarters. Here you will find a biography, information about the books, a teachers section with ideas to go with the books and a fun section with colouring, games and online books.


Jan Brett

This is a beautiful site with information about Jan Brett and some really great activities like creating your own Hedgie stories.


The Official Eric Carle Website. This includes his Museum of Picture Book Art.

Visit Robert Munsch's Official Website and read poems stories and more. You can even listen to Robert read some of his stories in the Virtual Story Room.


  Patricia Polacco

This is an excellent site with information about her life, her works and activities and projects for kids.


J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter

This is Scholastic's Harry Potter site. Here you will find information about J.K. Rowling, learn about the books, answer Wizard Trivia and more.



Children can visit Suessville to play some simple games and read some rhymes. Here you can also find contests and events.

Van Allsburg

Learn about the author, his works and read interviews with him.


  Children's Literature Web Guide

Here you will find links to the sites of "Author's and Illustrators on the Web". Author's names are in alphabetical order.


  Author Webliography

Here you will find links to main sites for classic writers like Jane Austen and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.



Read in Authors

There are lots of interviews with authors here and lots of information about authors. You may need to look at the archived interviews.


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  American Library Association

Information here on libraries and librarians and if you will find links to teen book reviews and more.


  Elementary Internet Library

This site has great links to books and authors and other links. Done by our District Teacher Librarians.


  Internet Public Library Youth Division This is an excellent site to search for information and books (fiction and non-fiction). Here you will also find resources for teachers and parents and articles of interest in a variety of subjects.

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Primary Grades

  Read-in Lessons

These are neat, fun lessons incorporating other subjects and computer use with authors, books and learning sight vocabulary.


These are lesson plans to go with stories and novels that incorporate children's literature with Internet activities.
  Interjections Here are some fun activities for teaching Interjections to a grade 2 class.
  Intermediate Grades
  Read-in Lessons

Here are some neat lessons for grades 4-6 that combine author and/or book studies with computer skills and other subjects.


  Cyberguides: 4-5 These are wonderful lessons that incorporate language arts lessons with Internet activities. There are lesson here for many novels including Owls in the Family, Sarah Plain and Tall and Stone Fox.
  The Teacher's Desk Lesson ideas for grades 5-6 Reading, Writing and Spelling.
  Middle School  
  Read-in Lessons

These lesson plans combine author studies and computer skills in a variety of wonderful ways.


  Cyberguides: 6-8 These are fantastic lessons that incorporate language arts and Internet activities. These are novel studies and author studies that are complete lessons with grading rubrics. Look in the Secondary School sites for grades 9 and 10.
  Grammar This is a set of links to some great lessons for teaching grammar (to help make it a little more fun). Ignore the Grade 9 at the top, you can use most of these for any middle school grade.
  Secondary School
  Read-in Lessons

Here are some very creative and fun lessons about authors and book studies for older grades.


  Cyberguides: 9-12 These are lessons for novels, poetry and plays that incorporate the Internet and language arts activities. Some novels included in this section are Animal Farm, The Grapes of Wrath, Lord of the Flies and there are Shakespeare plays and poems by various authors.
  General-Lessons for All Grades
  Ask Eric Lesson Plans

There are lessons here for all grades. Click on the heading and then click on lessons that are suitable for your grade (grades are written beside lesson titles).


  A to Z Lesson Plans

Click on your grade level and find lessons for all subjects including language arts.


  Grammar Worksheets Need a Worksheet for any Grammar activity, here's a great place to find them. They would be best for just general practice.
  Lesson Ideas Here are some more lesson ideas. The "Quiet Hour Journal" idea is brilliant and works with many different grade levels.
  Four Corners These are some lesson ideas for writing "Agree/Disagree" projects.

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