SEARCHING FOR INFORMATION ON FINE ARTS: - Resource Centre. Look here to find links to information on the various genres of Fine Arts (theatre, dance, art, music, etc.). - ARTSEDNET. This is an excellent source of lesson ideas and resources for your art lessons.

SEARCHING FOR INFORMATION ON ARTISTS: -The Artchive. This is a good place to start when researching any artist. Click on Mona Lisa for a complete clickable listing of artists. - Artcyclopedia. This is another great place to start searching for information on artists.

ART GALLERIES: - The Louvre - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - The National Gallery of Art - The Web Museum

 INTERNET SITES ON MONET: -Here is an in depth gallery of Monetís works and with information about his life. This is an excellent site presented in English and in French. -This is a gallery of Monetís painting but contains no information about him. Would be good to display while students work. This is an excellent site that is well organised. Here you can find information about Monet and view his paintings.

INTERNET SITES ON VAN GOGH: -This site shows his paintings and has a very good account of his life. - This is an excellent place to view his work. -This site has his works and a very simple time line of his life.

INTERNET SITES ON PICASSO: -This is a good place to look at his works. There is also lots of information about his life here but it is difficult to read. -Another good place to view his work and learn information about his life. - This site has information about Picasso and pictures of his work.

INTERNET SITES ON PAUL KLEE: -This is a great site to view his work and learn about him. Here you can look at prints of his work. -This site is great for viewing his works and has a short biography about Klee.

 INTERNET SITES ON TED HARRISON: -This site has a few examples of his work and has a short biography of Ted Harrison. It is a good, clear site. -This is a nicely done site with information about Tedís life and some of his works to view.

INTERNET SITES ON ESCHER: - This is a great site to view the works of Escher but there is no personal information. - This is another great place to view his works with more information about each piece. Also click on Home to learn a bit more about Escher. -This site has explanations and information about Escher. The reading level may be difficult. -This is a tour of this work and is easy to use.

MUSIC: - Music Education in B.C. This is an excellent site for music educators. - Music Educators National Convention. Here you can find information about jobs, conventions, purchasing music equipment and more. - The Music Education Launch Site. This is a great site for music educators to find lesson plans, interactive music games and jokes about musicians. Nova Scotia Music Educators. Here you can find lists of links to other music related sites and publications by the Nova Scotia Music Educators. - Music Educators Online: A Resource Website for Teachers and Directors. Find out what is happening in music education in Saskatchewan. Also find useful links here.

INFORMATION ABOUT COMPOSERS: - Famous Classical Composers: This site contains in depth information about a few of the classical composers. - Composers: This is an excellent source of information about the classical composers. You can also listen to their music at this site. - Catalogue of Composers: Here you can look up the composers by the musical period they played in. Also included in this site is information about the different musical periods (Baroque, Medieval, etc...) Links from here are excellent. - Classical Music Pages: Some good information here particularly about the different types of classical music and the composers of each type. - Karadar Classical Music: Short and easy to read information about the composers. Sorted by alphabetical order.


Using the Computers to Teach Art - Here is a complete set of lessons for using the Kid Pix and Paint to teach students grades k-7 how to reproduce the works of artists like VanGogh, Monet, Escher and more. In PDF or Microsoft Word.