Mark R Isfeld students travel to Cuba

Apr 7th, 2014
School District No. 71 (Comox Valley) (


For 8 days during Spring Break, a group of 15 students from Mark R. Isfeld traveled to Cuba to try out their Spanish skills and develop their cultural awareness.

A number of days in Havana saw the group visiting museums, doing walking tours, strolling through a local vegetable market, visiting an organic farm, interacting at a community art centre for local youth, and having many opportunities to enjoy the music and dance.

Prior to departure, the group had collected a large number of school supplies, toys and healthcare products. The days spent exploring the countryside west of Havana provided an opportunity to distribute these supplies to 3 different elementary schools; the interaction with the youngsters was a highlight for many on the trip. A number of impromptu stops saw students connect with local women and families, both in their
homes and at their workplaces.

For many, the extreme heat and the simplicity of lifestyle were notable differences.

However, as one student put it, the greatest challenge was falling in love with the music, the dance, and the people, then having to leave.