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GOVERNMENT SITES AND OTHER SITES WITH POLITICAL INFORMATION: - BC Ministry of Education, Aboriginal Education Initiative: This site provides information of BC First Nations Studies 12, Counselling for Aboriginal Students, and an Aboriginal Library Database. The book "Shared Learnings: Integrating BC Aboriginal Content K-10" is also available online here. Here you can also find a map of the First Nations people of BC. - This site includes information about the treaty process and the commission’s organization and mandate. – Assembly of First Nations: Includes information on programs, press releases and other links. – Indian and Northern Affairs Canada: Links to various sites with information about Aboriginal groups. Sites are also available in French.

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SITES FOR TEACHING AND INFORMATION: - BC First Nations Studies 12 - This site is an excellent source of information about the Inuit. - First Nations in Canada - The Secwepemc Nation. This is a nice site with extensive information about the Shuswap Tribe. - Here you can find information about American First Nations Tribes. – Indian and Northern Affairs Canada: Very extensive site including general information and more detailed information on legistation, The Royal Commission on Aboriginal People, statistics, arts, treaties, the Youth Strategy Program, and more.– Native American Indian Links: This site has pages of stories, art, recipes, books and other information about the Native American Indians.

For a great locally developed resource, check your school library for Legend of Queneesh (teacher lesson plans and video).

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Elementary Level Social Studies

First Nations in the Media - Are the Aboriginal People portrayed in a positive or negative mannor to media?

First Nations Art - Which form of Northwest Coast art is the most impressive?

Discovering Yourself Through Aboriginal Storytelling - How can Aboriginal storytelling methods help you discover yourself?

Critical Thinking About Government - Which would be the most effective form of government for the Comox Band membership today, a hereditary system or an elected band council? Click here to open it in MS Word.

Life in Huronia or New France - Decide where would have been a better place for a woman to life: New France or an Huron Community.

Middle School

Grade 8 Science - Analyzing Food Nutrients and Comparing Food Guides

Social Justice Through Literature Written by Aboriginal Authors - A collection of lesson plans that were developed to expand the Shared Learnings document. These lessons were developed for Social Studies and English at the grade 7-9 level. They are intended strictly for academic use.




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NEWSPAPERS:– First Perspective Newspaper: An online publication that focuses on the issues and subjects of concern and interest to Aboriginal people.

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SITES WITH LINKS TO OTHER SITES: – Bill’s Aboriginal Links: Over 200 links to Canadian,US and International Aboriginal sites, arts and news groups. Includes links to Aboriginal law, legislation and human rights.

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SITES FOR ABORIGINAL YOUTH: - The Aboriginal Youth Network: This network displays youth art, reports, news and provides links to Internet search clients and other sites that are related to youth and Aboriginal issues. – National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation: This site has information about awards and programs available for Aboriginal people. Also shows award recipients. - Aboriginal Scholarship/ Bursary Guide. Has a listing of scholarships and bursarys available for Aboriginal students.

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