Ontario is between Manitoba and Quebec. Above Ontario is the Hudson Bay and at the bottom are the Great Lakes. Also touching the Great Lakes are four U.S. states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio.

The Great lakes are: Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and Lake Michigan (which is entirely part of the United States).

The population of Ontario is
12 929 000 (2008).

The capital city of Ontario is Toronto. Ottawa, the capital of Canada is also found in Ontario.

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Ontario's flag is red with the Union Jack in the top left corner. This stands for their relationship with Britain. On the right side is the shield. On the shield is the cross of St. George which again shows ties with Britain. Underneath this are three golden maple leaves from Canada's symbolic tree. Green and gold are Ontario's colours.

Ontario's flower is the White Trillium. This beautiful white flower blooms in the forests in most of Ontario in late April and May. This flower was also used for food and medicine by Native people.

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The Common Loon is Ontario's bird symbol. It can be found all over the province and swimming around in the Great Lakes (Loons are great swimmers). The provincial bird was voted in by children ages 9-11.

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Reproduced with permission of the Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2000.

Ontario's provincial tree is the Eastern White Pine. As it can grow in many types of soils, it is found all over Ontario. It is a valuable resource because its nice softwood and was also used by early settlers. It is the tallest type of evergreen tree in Eastern Canada.

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Ontario's rich wildlife is shown on the coat of arms with a moose and deer holding up the shield and a bear on the top. The motto at the bottom "VT INCEPIT FIDELIS SIC PERMANENT" means "Loyal it began, loyal it remains".

Ontario's tartan has 4 colours:

  • Green stands for the forests and fields
  • Red stands for the Aboriginal People
  • Blue is for the waters of Ontario
  • White is for the sky above the province

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