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Georges P. Vanier Secondary
Grad Transitions

As part of Grade 12 graduation in BC, ALL students are required to complete a course called Grad Transitions (GT).  You can find information on the Ministry of Educations website for Graduation Requirements HEREand the actual Grad Transitions Program Guide HERE.  At G.P. Vanier, this course is offered outside the timetable through the Work Experience Office (WEX) with Anna McElwain, Kelley Giorgianni and Steve Claassen.  

Overview of Grad Transitions at Vanier

  • 30 hrs mandatory work experience (documented through the Work Experience Office).
  • Attending the mandatory GT workshops  in Semester 1 or Semester 2 (see below)
  • Completing the “Grad Transitions Booklet” (see below)
  • An “Exit Interview” (see below)
  • In addition, throughout the Grade 10-12 years, students have probably attended or will be attending other optional career/education/open houses, various other workshops (PARTY Program, MADD, Post Secondary Day, etc) or participated in extended work experiences.
  • A final “Requirement Met” mark on the student’s report card and transcript at the end once EVERYTHING above has been MET!

​IMPORTANT Dates for SEMESTER 2 Grad Transitions Students

  • Friday, March 10th – MANDATORY Workshops on various topics (Mental Health & Wellness, Credit, Banking/Investing, Student Loans & College Applications, Applying for Scholarships & Bursaries, Taxes, Resume & Cover Letters, Bills/Medical/Budgeting, Employer & Work Ethics/Expectations, ACE IT Students, Dual Credit Students) will be happening in the morning during the new “FLEX TIME”.  You will need to attend 4 workshop sessions out of 6 offered and make sure you attend to get the Grad Transitions Booklet which will be handed out during this time and explained as well.  Sign up for these workshops will happen outside of the WEX office starting Wednesday, March 1st. Attendance on March 10th WILL be taken.
  • April 14th – Grad Transitions Booklets are due for MARKING into the WEX Office!!
  • May 10th – MANDATORY “Exit Interviews” where you will go through an interview process and will be interviewed potentially by mayors, police/fire chief, city counselors, retired principals, etc.  Sign up will happen in early January.

Grad Transitions Booklet - For ALL students

Each student will receive a grad transition booklet to complete.  It consists of; checklist, credit check, transcript, career and life component (transition plan), support network, employability skills, budget worksheet, resume, cover letter, thank you letter, physical activity plan, a workshop questionnaire, Grad Bio.  This booklet will be marked by Mr. Claassen! If parts are incomplete, not legible, and/or no thought/effort is put into the sections, it will be returned to you to update/correct. The bookelt is given out during the workshops on March 10th.

Remember: The GT process is all about you “transitioning and having a plan” after leaving Vanier whether that is work, school, travel.

If there are any questions as students or parents, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Claassen (Blk A/B – teaching in Room 500, Blk C/D – WEX Office) or walk into the WEX Office at any time and talk to Anna or Kelley.

Mr. Claassen can be reached at steve.claassen@sd71.bc.ca or by calling Vanier @ 250-338-9262 ext258