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Georges P. Vanier Secondary


​Hello parents of GP Vanier Grads-

So....just over ONE WEEK to go until Grad!  The last few weeks has been super exciting, with the Ford Test Drive Event on June 3 as our most successful event in the past 5 years.  We tripled last years numbers, beat Highland's event by a wide margin and were close to Isfeld's Test Drive event.  The Relay for Life was well attended by Vanier students and hopefully it is the start of a great tradition here at Vanier. So...now on to the main event!

Wednesday, June 28 at 12:00 noon-Grad Rehearsal.  We will gather ALL Grads together, start them in the Multi-Purpose Room, then walk them over to the Sports Centre, where the event will be held.  We'll show them how the seating looks, where they'll sit, and what our expectations of them are.  It should be done be 1 pm.

Thursday, June 29-

3:15-4:30: Grad Car Parade.  If you are taking part in this event, then we are gathering at the Driftwood Mall at just past 3 pm to meet with your drivers, take some pictures and then leave the Mall parking lot at approximately 4 pm.  Cars arrive at Vanier between 4:25-4:45, which is another great opporuntity to take pictures.  If you are NOT in the Car Parade, showing up at Vanier around 4:45 pm is probably best.  There will be a reception with small snacks and fruit for Grads.

5:20-We will take the official Grad Photo in the Multi-Purpose Room (our new theatre) 

5:40-5:55-Grads line up in the halls of Vanier and we march them over to the Sports Centre

6:00-8:30-Vanier's Grad Ceremony at the Sports Centre

8:45-9:30-Reception in the Vanier school gym with cake, coffee, and tea.  We'll play a couple of songs for Grads to dance with parents and take some photos.

9:30-9:45-Students board buses for Crowne Isle

10:00-2:00 am-After Grad Party at Crown Isle.  There will be plenty of food, photo booth, video games, a Casino for prizes, a Tarot Card reader and a DJ and Dance for the Grads.  There will be an auction of amazing prizes at around 1:30 am.  Parents will pick their sons and daughters up from Crown Isle.  There is a strict no return policy-once Grads leave the venue, they are done for the night. Parents have to sign their children out or make arrangements ahead of time to do this.

I know I have a few Grad parents signed up for some tasks, but I could really use 4-5 parents to help decorate the Sports Centre (it will be partially done from North Island College's Grad) on Tuesday, June 27 between 1 pm and 4 pm. I could also use 4 volunteers to help decorate Crown Isle with the Isfeld parents on Tuesday night starting at around 6 pm.  If you can help with these, please send me an email at greg.kochanuk@sd71.bc.ca

Greg Kochanuk, Vice Principal