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Georges P. Vanier Secondary
Social Studies

​​​​​Welcome to the Social Studies Department space here at G.P. Vanier. On this site you will find what we offer here as well as valuable links for further study

Check out the following sites for ideas on Careers related to Social Studies:

HistoryGeographyLawCriminology (or this criminology career site hosted by Simon Fraser University on Criminology Careers), Economics,Politics


Our Staff:

 Mr. Andrew Young (Geography 12, Criminology 12, Crime-Media-Society 12, Law 12, Introduction to Law 9/10, Social Studies 10 & 11)


Mr. Julian Ferguson​ (History 12, Social Studies 9.10 & 11)


Mr. Tim Krutzmann (Social Studies 10 & 11, Psychology & Leadership)


 Mr. Warren Colegrave (History 12, Tourism 12, Social Studies 11, Psychology and Game Strategies)


​Mr. Brian Stevens (Socials 9. Leadership 10)


​Mr. Paul Rebitt (Enterprise, All About Money, Start Your Own Business)


 Mrs. Tracy Rebitt (Accounting & Personal Planning)

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